Boosting PV yield by up to 30%

Soltigua presents iTracker – the intelligent 1-axis PV tracker 

Building on more than 10 years of experience in the highly demanding CSP industry, Soltigua has developed iTrackerTM, a highly innovative 1-axis tracker which requires less land than fixed structures and increases the annual production of PV modules by up to 30%, depending on location.

iTrackerTM is intelligent in its mechanical, structural and control design.

iTrackerTM is a single-row tracker, with no mechanical connections between the different rows, to facilitate cleaning and O&M activities.

It has a balanced design, with a virtual axis of rotation placed in the center of gravity of the assembly, which eliminates unnecessary loads on the drive and improves the long-term performance of mechanical components. This solution does not create interruptions between the PV modules installed on the tracker and maximizes the power density which can be installed in a given area, simplifying cleaning activities.

iTrackerTM has been designed to have the highest installation tolerances in the industry, which increases simplicity and speed of construction. For hilly terrains, a dedicated version integrates one or more universal joints in the torque beam.

iTrackerTM’s active wind management can resist wind forces up to 200 km/h and beyond and avoids galloping thanks to differentiated stow positions in the array combined with an embedded dumping capacity among the highest in the market.

iTrackerTM has an integrated torsional limiter and dumper at each bearing.

iTrackerTM’s control is detailed, flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

It includes a SCADA system which monitors each individual row. Real time monitoring allows to send warning messages promptly to the cloud platform.

The orientation of the row is not limited to North/South. Any azimuth can be chosen. This makes it possible to adapt to irregular terrains and to shift the load towards timings with higher tariffs.

Back-tracking is customized row by row.

“In the development of iTracker we have put all our experience derived from engineering and manufacturing high  precision tracking machines for the CSP industry– says Soltigua’s CTO Vittorio Orioli – We have successfully achieved our quality standards according to the ISO 9001-2015 standard. Moreover, our comprehensive analysis of safety issues results in the CE mark emitted according to the Machinery Directive of the EU, so that today iTracker is ready to satisfy the growing needs of the solar PV industry.”

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