Sunny outlook for Botswana with Soltigua

All roads lead to Rome…. and all solar technologies lead to Soltigua!

This was the discovery of Botswana delegation who visited Soltigua on June 8th.

The visit was the opportunity to introduce Soltigua’s leading edge solar concentrating technologies for solar process heat to Executive Member of Botswana Solar Industries Association Karen Giffard of Sosolar, who came accompanied by Ms. Elizabeth Chavolla, Senior Investment Promotion Expert of UNIDO ITPO ITALY for Botswana.

Both parabolic trough and linear Fresnel collector technologies were shown and explained in detail to Ms. Giffard by Francesco Orioli, Soltigua’s sales director, who highlighted the pros and cons of each one for the potential applications available in Botswana and mentioned by Ms. Giffard such as abattoirs, breweries and the like.

The visit covered also the iTracker, the new PV solar tracker developed by Soltigua, which can enhance the annual performance of PV modules by up to 30%.

“We did not expect such an exceptional combination of competence and hospitality. Soltigua really impressed us and we do hope to see their technologies installed in our country in the very near future – said Ms. Giffard – We are definitely going to collaborate with them on the opportunities made available by national and international programs in Botswana.”

“We are very grateful to UNIDO ITPO ITALY for organizing this visit and even more grateful for Karen to travel all the way from Botswana to Italy! – commented Mr. Orioli – An innovative SME like Soltigua can benefit greatly from direct meetings with potential partners in foreign countries. We are very interested in the African market and we hope to be able to achieve early results together with the solar sector in Botswana.”

“Such meetings are at the heart of UNIDO’s mission – concluded Ms Chavolla – and we hope and believe that they will contribute to a rapid large scale development of solar technologies in Botswana”.