The Re-Deploy project addresses the vast and under-served market for solar process heat, defined as the provision of solar generated heat to industrial thermal processes up to 250°C. The Re-Deploy technology reduces the risk for the end user thanks to the fact that the solar boilers can serve in different periods different industrial processes.

It also simplifies transportation and installation of the solar collectors and of the Balance of Plant thanks to a modular approach which emphasizes ease of use and re-usability of the different parts of the solar boiler.

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The REs

The specific Technical Developments (TDs) planned within Re-Deploy are the Redeployability Enablers (REs), i.e. technical innovations that are specifically developed to reduce the cost (including Logistics and Installation) of re-deploying a solar boiler from one location to another one.

The REs increase also the competitiveness of solar boilers installed only in one location and are not re-deployed.

The REs are:

  1. Develop tools and procedures to disassemble receiver tubes and reuse them in another installation without losing performance;
  2. Optimized plug-and-play- solar boiler BOP, integrating overall electrical connection and solar field control cabinet, with max 5 hydraulic connections and standardized pump, heat exchanger, vessel and control panel;
  3. Adoption of reusable foundations (metal poles/screws) instead of concrete blocks;
  4. Design the solar field in modular subfields with predesigned components to minimize piping activities and facilitate recycling of piping and insulation materials;
  5. Integrate actions to reduce packaging and transport cost;
  6. Adoption of custom-designed reusable racks;
  7. Optimized use of container space (eg.: compenetrating pieces to reduce air gaps)
  8. In-house containerization station to reduce containerization cost from shipping cost;
  9. Minimize solar field erection effort;
  10. Avoid field adjustments and regulations via manufacturing built-in precision (CNC machining…) and installation procedures (sequenced installation, cross referenced components);
  11. Reduce the number of connections per module required during erection;
  12. Limit welding activities to receiver tube connections;
  13. Detailed guidelines for Engineering and Project Management.


Solar technologies across three continents!

Re-Deploy’s Solar boiler for Europe’s largest concentrated solar cooling!


Re-Deploy can be used across different solar concentrating technologies such as parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel collectors. Click on the icon below to learn more about these two technologies!

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