Soltigua’s concentrating collectors can be used to generate power in combination with thermal power blocks such as ORCs (Organic Rankine Cycle) or steam turbines . Sizes up to 5/10 MWel can be well served with ORC turbines, either as standalone solar systems or in hybrid solutions with geothermal and/or biomass sources. For larger systems, steam turbines are recommended.
In any of such systems thermal storage can be included to increase the operating hours, the power block utilization and to dispatch power when it is most needed.
Soltigua’s technology is flexible and can be adopted also to create small scale installations starting at 1MWel or less.

Further Solar Thermal Applications

Many industrial processes that require thermal energy can be realised by integrating traditional energy sources with solar energy.

Solar cooling is one of the most fascinating applications of solar energy, because it generates air-conditioning directly from the sun.

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