High performance Solar Trackers
iTracker is Soltigua’s new generation of single-axis solar trackers designed to increase performance up to 30%

  • Up to 14% more power density, thanks to virtual axis rotation and long, continuous tables
  • Flexible on all kinds of terrain, thanks to independent row tracking and optional universal joint
  • Optimized wind resistance, including both static and dynamic analysis
  • Long-lasting efficiency in the harshest environment from -10° to +50°C, also tested against sand storms
  • Enduring reliability tested on the field for an equivalent of 50-year service
  • Advanced design based on 10+ years of experience in 3D Cad modelling of high precision solar tracking systems
  • Intelligent monitoring, with Soltigua’s cloud based SCADA for individual monitoring and control of each individual tracker
  • Minimized operating cost, thanks to adjacent rows facing each other for simultaneous cleaning
  • Easy installation, with one of the highest tolerance ranges in the market
  • Certified Quality (ISO 9001:2015, CE marks 2006/42/UE, structural design EN991-1-1/3/4 and electrical design 2014/35-30/UE)