Engineering is at the core of Soltigua’s product and tradition.

Our staff is mostly composed by engineers, often dedicate to research activities and always providing the technical excellence and reliable know-how which is the backbone of Soltigua’s technology solutions.

On May 27th several of our engineers went back to…school (!), meeting the 2nd year Master students of the Energy Engineering Course of Alma Mater Studiorum – Bologna University to provide them with a glimpse a possible future in renewable energy and also to listen to their fresh perspectives on green energy.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting was held in video conference mode, rather than in person as originally planned.

This challenge provided an opportunity to interact in a new way, mixing presentations on corporate history with videos on Soltigua’s technologies, such as PV trackers (iTracker WL, BiTracker and iTracker Duetto) and Concentrated Solar Thermal collectors (parabolic trough and linear Fresnel).

The student could also see some of Soltigua’s field test facilities, as if part of a virtual facility tour.

It was a stimulating and exciting event whose specific goal was sharing perspectives of both young minds and more experienced ones.

“To host Soltigua in the frame of our course on Solar engineering was a very positive experience. It doesn’t often happen to meet a company sharing such a deep technical knowledge in such a clear and concise way. We very much look forward to welcoming Soltigua again for future events dedicated to renewable energy” said Gian Luca Morini, Professor of the Course for Master students on “Solar and Geothermal Systems” at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Alma Mater Studiorum – Bologna University.

Soltigua’s CEO, Francesco Orioli, commented the event stating “It was a great opportunity to communicate Soltigua’s experience and to gather new input for the fresh minds of these young Energy Engineers. Working in green energy is about looking at the future. Listening to the voice of future’s engineers is definitely coherent with our vision…and very interesting too!”