Soltigua to expand Morocco’s Fresnel solar field to 16’000 m2

Soltigua’s FLT10v linear Fresnel collectors have been chosen for the extension of the 1MWel CSP system in IRESEN’s Green Energy Park in Benguerir, Morocco. Soltigua will supply n.12 of its FLT10v linear Fresnel collectors to be added to the already installed ones, in order to reach a total installed collecting surface of 16'235 m2. The final solar field will be made of 10 parallel hydraulic loops, which will generate heat at 300°C to drive a dry-cooled 1MWel ORC turbine.

The Benguerir installation is piloting a new concept for small scale CSP, focusing on a decentralized solution with short execution period and a system that is compact and modular, to achieve economies of production and to meet local customer needs with less than 10 MW combined heat and power requirement. The aim of this pilot project is to construct a reference design, inclusive of storage for extending the power availability to the evening hours. The innovation of this solution has been acknowledged by the European Union, who has awarded it with a R&D grant in its Horizon 2020 Program within the ORC-PLUS project.

“We are glad to further extend our solar field in Benguerir” – says Francesco Orioli, Head of Sales at Soltigua – “We see Western Africa as an area with a great potential for small scale CSP system which can be of great help to serve also the thermal needs of several types of industrial processes. The sheer size of this reference installation will prove the merits of Soltigua’s philosophy of agile, modular collectors and systems”.

The extension will be done during 2017.

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Soltigua: worldwide leader on quality

In December 2016 Soltigua completed the certification process of its Quality Management System according to the standard of the ISO 9001:2015, the new version of ISO 9001, which substituted the previous 2008 edition.
Soltigua its the first company worldwide to obtain this certification for a production systems which manufactures linear concentrating collectors of both the parabolic and the Fresnel type.

SSoltigua’s Quality Management System addresses all the main company processes in order to obtain continuous improvement of the service performance and to increase efficiency across the different activities. Conformity to ISO 9001:2015 standard has been certified by the independent audit of accredited institution Tüv Süd.

Soltigua’s company policy has been developed to support the company’s sustainable growth in the field of solar energy vie the design, production and sale of innovative products, systems and services.

“We are proud to have achieved this important objective”, says Stefano Borghesi, Directors of Operations, “It confirms Soltigua’s capabilities to provide a clear answer to client expectations. We see the ISO 9001 as a starting point. During the next months we expect to certify also our Enviromental Managment System with an accredited independent third party according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard”

Third party certification of Soltigua’s Quality Management System can be downloaded at the following link.

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