Sunny outlook for Botswana with Soltigua

All roads lead to Rome…. and all solar technologies lead to Soltigua! This was the discovery of Botswana delegation who visited Soltigua on June 8th. The visit was the opportunity to introduce Soltigua’s leading edge solar concentrating technologies for solar process heat to Executive Member of Botswana Solar Industries Association Karen Giffard of Sosolar, who came accompanied by Ms. Elizabeth Chavolla, Senior Investment Promotion Expert of UNIDO ITPO ITALY for Botswana. Both parabolic trough and linear Fresnel collector technologies were shown

Forever Young!

Think you wake up on your 50th birthday feeling as fresh as a teenager. This is the experience observed for iTracker, the high performance solar tracker manufactured by Soltigua, which reached 50 year equivalent operational life with plenty of working capacity still left to be exploited. The continuous uninterrupted table design makes iTracker the PV tracker with the highest power density, i.e. with the highest number of modules which can be installed for a given unit of available land. Power density